2021: Rome – Vienna – Montenidoli and the Foundation

We start the New Year with Pope Francis’s messsage from Rome:

It is the time for Peace:
We are called upon to achieve Peace.
A duty given by God.
Peace with ourselves,
Peace with every other human.
Chase indifference,
Take care of others.

Maestro Riccardo Muti at the New Year’s concert in Vienna:

We believe in the strength of music.
Music gives joy and hope.
Our human society needs good health
in the body and in the spirit.
We cannot live without music and culture.
The weapons of music are flowers:
a smile to share around the world.

From Montenidoli and the Foundation:

We join together with everyone to toast our Foundation,
“Big Family of our small Planet” (www.sergiothepatriarch.org)
There is a great need to spread knowledge, solidarity, brotherhood.
We want to restore the old and open paths forward for the young.
A necklace of light and joy around the world.
Please support the noble aims of the Foundation:

  • Buy our good wines
  • Visit our guest house in the heart of Tuscany
  • Offer donations to the Foundation