THE HERITAGE We are looking for a new pearl for the Montenidoli necklace.Montenidoli is a star that shines in the heart of the Mediterranean, a link between East and West.Montenidoli, the mountain of little nests, is an estate of 200 hectares of woods, vineyards and olive groves. It is situated in a land rich in…

January 30, 2023
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2022 Vintage and 2023 Saint Vincent

As in every year, on Saint Vincent’s day, I talk about the year that has just passed.2022 was an exceptional year because of the extreme heat and lack of rain until the end of August.Fortunately, the copious rains of November and December 2021 saved it. WINTER Mild temperatures, no snow, only a little rain on…

January 30, 2023
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Vintage 2021 and Saint Vincent 2022

At Montenidoli we always report on the past Vintage during the festivities celebrating Saint Vincent. January: experiences mild weather. February: sees beautiful, healthy snow covering all the vineyards. March: opens to the awakening of nature; swallows return to their nests in and around our home. April: gives us frost that arrives violent and unexpected, destroying…

March 4, 2022
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I’ll Drink to That! Levi Dalton’s interview in NYC

Levi Dalton has had a long career working as a sommelier in some of the most distinguished and acclaimed dining rooms in America. He has served wine to guests of Restaurant Daniel, Masa, and Convivio, all in Manhattan. Levi has also contributed articles on wine themes to publications such as The Art of Eating, Wine &…

February 5, 2021
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Vintage 2020 and Saint Vincent 2021

Dear Friends, Following our tradition we speak about the past vintage in January, when we celebrate our Patron, Saint Vincent. It is the time when the musts become wine and we can forecast their personality and refinement. YEAR 2020 a lean year: evil for humans but lucky for nature. A mild winter, a rainy spring,…

January 21, 2021
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2021: Rome – Vienna – Montenidoli and the Foundation

We start the New Year with Pope Francis’s messsage from Rome: PEACE It is the time for Peace: We are called upon to achieve Peace. A duty given by God. Peace with ourselves, Peace with every other human. Chase indifference, Take care of others. Maestro Riccardo Muti at the New Year’s concert in Vienna: MUSIC…

January 7, 2021
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Best wishes from Montenidoli

Through the centuries wine has always been the elixir of long life, energy, and courage. We join Alceo, the Greek poet who lived 2,600 years ago, and Horace, from Rome, 2,000 years ago, for a special toast: Hurrah! We all need a good glass of wine!…together we shall win! “All we need is love”.

December 21, 2020
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“The Templar”: to honor the memory of Knights Templar

The road from the north to Rome and thence to the Middle East crossed San Gimignano: the town became a sort of motel of the Middle Ages. It was one of the Knights Templar’s headquarters. Montenidoli, the hill just in front, proved to be the right place for their vineyards, needed to produce the wine…

June 1, 2020
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Luigi Veronelli – Panorama, 11th September 1975

“A wine of 37 years ago, the quality of the bottle still very high. Very gently uncorked and slowly open to air it reveals an extraordinary finess. A magic colour, an aromatic fascinating bouquet; dry mushrooms, brushwood soft fruits, lightly spiced, peppery, rose, pomegranate, maraschino cherries.  On the palate a surprising freshness, with the strength…

May 27, 2020
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