2022 Vintage and 2023 Saint Vincent

As in every year, on Saint Vincent’s day, I talk about the year that has just passed.
2022 was an exceptional year because of the extreme heat and lack of rain until the end of August.
Fortunately, the copious rains of November and December 2021 saved it.

Mild temperatures, no snow, only a little rain on Valentine’s night, a frost at the end of January and beginning of March. The good weather allows the land to be worked well and the “three Marys” vineyard to be planted.
On 15 March the first swallow arrives! For St. Benedict’s Day they will all be under the roofs of Montenidoli!

April begins with sunny days. An impromptu hail, light and quick, without any damage.
30 degrees in May, 40 in June…the vegetation does not seem to suffer and the flowering of the vines, the olive trees and the fruit is perfect. This is the promise of a good harvest.

The heat wave is relentless, but the roots of the plants find water in the still wet earth.
No insects: only the cry of crickets and cicadas in the rarefied, suspended air.
The vine continues its course peacefully, without leaf burn, with bunches that ripen slowly.

A small, quality harvest. Grapes with small berries, thick skins to protect them from the heat, small pips and a concentrated and tasty juice. A very good acidity that may have been preserved due to the dry season and that prepares the quality of the white wines.

October: the mild temperatures help the musts to go through all their fermentations
November, December: heavy rains provide water to a very thirsty land.
20/25 degrees up to the end of the season are the luck for an endless vacation.

We try to obtain the best possible price for our small quantity of carefully produced Montenidoli wines.
For the gourmets, with a heart open to the problems of the future and willing to support the Foundation, there are the magnums of Sangiovese, taken out of the cavernous Triassic rock, and the old vintages of good bottles.