Vintage 2020 and Saint Vincent 2021

Dear Friends,
Following our tradition we speak about the past vintage in January, when we celebrate our Patron,
Saint Vincent. It is the time when the musts become wine and we can forecast their personality
and refinement.

YEAR 2020 a lean year: evil for humans but lucky for nature.
A mild winter, a rainy spring, a torrid summer, a gentle autumn.
The Vintage gave many different fruits, a wonderful harvest, a rich picking of olives.


JANUARY the icy night of the New Year’s Eve gave way to the sun, the light, the warm weather.
The moon became full on January 10 and offered tender nights full of light.
The temperature became so mild that a bud opened on a vine of “I Gobbi”.
FEBRUARY we seem seem to be in spring: dry, warm days are what we need for pruning.
It is also the time to plant new vines and replace the dead ones on the rows.
We give a special attention to the old vineyards that are our most precious riches,
MARCH only short showers while the season is mild.
We keep waiting for swallows …but they forecast cold weather and have delayed their arrival!


On March 20 rain and temperature below zero…
APRIL the cold weather gives no relief while nature wakes up.
Sprouting is regular in the vineyards.
MAY heavy storms, pouring rain goes on for the whole month.
The earth is all wet and the vegetation takes benefit and blooms.
JUNE dancing under the rain every plant is happy.
It is the time of the first fruits that spring out of the flowers.


June 21: in perfect time as destiny brings the violent heat.
JULY the sun is burning, days become warmer and warmer.
The roots of our vines go deep down into the earth to get refreshed.
All the water of spring is there!
AUGUST it is the time of dog-days up to the 17th, when a short storm gives relief.
The grapes are ripening and will be ready soon.
The storms of August arrive at the end of the month and lower the temperature.
SEPTEMBER days are sunny, warm and dry: perfect for the grapes.
Black clouds threaten the sky in vain; they are all quickly chased away by the wind.
On the 7th we pick Canaiuolo to maintain acidity for our rosé.
On the 17th, when the swallows leave our roofs, the true harvest begins!


September 22: we are very busy with a joyful happy harvest with all our group of youngsters.
They are students who come back every year to join the party – even after they graduated
and they entered in the world of work.
OCTOBER on the first day a flock of delayed swallows come back to wave good bye!
We are up the hill for the last grapes on the Trias: our special Sangiovese!
While we are very busy in the cellar the olives ripen in the olive groves.
Plenty of fruits on the trees and mushrooms in the woods.
NOVEMBER mild weather and sunny days accompany the harvest of the olives.
A lot of precious olive oil of incredibly low acidity: 0,15/0,20 – a super extra virgin!
DECEMBER while clouds and showers fill the sky we take care of our newborn wines.
At Montenidoli the Vintage 2020 has been rich and also lucky thanks to all our attention, our work,
our constant care.