Vintage 2021 and Saint Vincent 2022

At Montenidoli we always report on the past Vintage during the festivities celebrating Saint Vincent.

January: experiences mild weather.

February: sees beautiful, healthy snow covering all the vineyards.

March: opens to the awakening of nature; swallows return to their nests in and around our home.

April: gives us frost that arrives violent and unexpected, destroying the buds with terrible damage.

May: is cold; the vegetation is still shaken and senseless, trying hard to bring itself back to life…

June: has a lot of rain; temperatures return to normal, which allows the wounds to heal.

July: the lack of rain and warm temperatures strengthen nature; grapes begin to be juicy.

August: the soil becomes very dry; fortunately, the heat does not affect the vines as they suck up the water deep in the ground.

September: beautiful sunny days for our harvest that begins on 6th, a Monday; we have outstanding grapes!

October: on Friday 8th the last cases full of the Sangiovese of the Triassico are deposited in the cellar: we have been lucky!

November: is the tie for olive trees: a very poor harvest but an exceptional good olive oil.

December: we spread the compost in the vineyards and take care of the vines before they go to sleep.

In the cellar fermentation went extremely well; we produced less but what we did was very good. Except for the Canaiuolo rosé all the new white and red wines now rest patiently in silence;
we attend to them and wait…

Wine is communication and friendship: Montenidoli wants to promote this through the Foundation.
At Montenidoli we want to bring elderly and young people together in order to save and give to the future the riches of our traditions.
Memory is the ground of knowledge, the foundation of human society, the tool for the world to come.
Culture and sharing are the instruments of peace; we must all involve ourselves and participate.

The Vintage card for 2021 is dedicated to Arab literature.
The Koran speaks about the leisure wine gives, but only when you reach Paradise.
We have selected a few verses from the poems of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the great Persian mathematician and scientist.

from the Rubaiyat
…drink wine, a better moment
you will never find.
…no one knows the secret of life.
what you need is wine!
Dawn is there: the welcome inspirer of poems:
slowly, sweetly drink wine and play the lute…
…the nightingale sings to the golden flowers, with his music
he whispers that you should drink wine.
…only wine, with its alchemy, has the power
to show life and change lead to gold.
…drink wine, as you don’t know where you are coming from,
be happy, as you don’t know where you are going.

Omar Khayyam
1048 – 1131