We are looking for a new pearl for the Montenidoli necklace.
Montenidoli is a star that shines in the heart of the Mediterranean, a link between East and West.
Montenidoli, the mountain of little nests, is an estate of 200 hectares of woods, vineyards and olive groves. It is situated in a land rich in history; all its inhabitants have left their heritage here:

• Oysters, sea urchins and many, many shellfish enriched the soil.
• The Etruscans brought vines from Asia Minor.
• The Romans buried their coins under the olive trees.
• The Templars were here, too. They followed St Bernard’ rule: “everyone has the right to drink according to his own need to drive away the cold of the mind, the cold of the heart,
the cold of the body”.
• In 1404 – Finuccia de’ Barbi, owner of the estate, donated her property of “woods, vineyards, olive trees” to the Hospital of Santa Fina to “save souls”.
• Hard-working peasants following the rhythm of days and nights, seasons and years filled the land with harmony and peace.
• This land, so rich in fruit, was asleep during the first part of the last century, abandoned and
deserted through two world wars.
• In 1965 life returned! Nine happy children, in search of freedom and care, woke up the wood
by climbing its most beautiful trees, adults freed the bramble-covered vines and pruned
the olive trees that had gone wild.
• In 1968 Sergio, the schoolmaster, arrived to refresh souls and open a way for lost minds.
• Many young people and adults went up the hill in Montenidoli to have Sergio’s help in finding themselves. Sergio was called the Patriarch by everyone.
At his death the foundation “Sergio the Patriarch NPO” was established.


Now in 2023 life in Montenidoli continues: gentle and timeless, following the dictates of our land.
The wines of Montenidoli are well known and sought after all over the world.
Since 1971 the year has begun with the Winegrowers’ Day, celebrating our Patron Saint Vincent.
The Sergio the Patriarch NPO Foundation is located at the heart of the Montenidoli estate: two groups of houses halfway up the high plateau of the hill.
We call it “the big family of the little planet”. The Foundation wants to bring together races, traditions, cultures with the aim of finding a common language and discovering our shared roots.

The Foundation wants to welcome old and young people from all over the world to transmit the human wealth of our past to the future and to prevent such wealth being buried by the unbridled race of ‘progress’. We need roots if we want to build a stable future.
To achieve its work the Foundation wants to held seminars, organise studies, offer apprenticeships, run laboratories, and make web-based transmissions.
Extra Pearls for the Montenidoli and Foundation neckless are gourmets with their hearts open to the problems of the future and willing to support the aims of the Foundation.