Rosé of the past year

A lunch with the dishes prepared by Antonella, the magic cook of Montenidoli

May 2020

Canaiuolo rosé of the Vintage: young and just in the bottle. The perfect wine for appetizers and for a welcome toast.
Canaiuolo rosé of the past years: a proper wine, perfect with mussels and crustaceans, as we had today.
Vernaccia Fiore: the refined and mineral white for delicate food.
Colorino: a gentle soft red for appetizers and snacks.
Il Garrulo: set with tomato spaghetti with basil and mozzarella: perfect pairing.
Montenidoli: we had it here with roasted roe deer chops: young and bright, it cleans the greasy taste of the meat.
Sono Montenidoli: as we had no game, we paired successfully with a taste of Parmigiano Reggiano
Vernaccia di Carato: great pairing with pecorino cheese after a big red, for the end of the meal.
Il Templare: also good with a cake, it was excellent at the end of our meal.